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Child-safe wooden knife for kids - Träkniv collection.

Introducing the Träkniv collection, a range of wooden utensils for kids designed to empower your child's independence and self-sufficiency in their day-to-day lives. The Träkniv knife is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables, making it the ideal child-safe knife.

At SKÅGFÄ, we prioritize clean lines, vibrant colors, and safety, and the Träkniv collection embodies this style. Each knife is crafted from non-toxic materials such as natural wood and oils, ensuring maximum safety for your child. Our design of packaging also makes it the perfect gift for your little ones.

Our child-safe knives are designed and hand-finished in Spain, with each collection created in small quantities to ensure quality and exclusivity.

Give your child the gift of self-reliance with the Träkniv collection today and let them experience the joy of helping in the kitchen with their own safe knife!


Safe cutting tool for kids: child cutting fruit with wooden knife





  • Träkniv - Wooden Knife for Kids Natural
    Träkniv -  Wooden Knife for Kids Natural
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